#Lync 2013 Web Scheduler

For all those customers that would like to run Lync and use the Dial-In Conferencing component but run an e-mail system other than Exchange and Outlook (Google is one of them) there is a Web Scheduler component built into Lync 2013 that allows you to schedule your Lync meetings via the web hence the name Web Scheduler.

PowerShell Commands required to implement the Web Scheduler:

$urlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url https://scheduler.mcgreanor.com

$simpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component “WebScheduler” -Domain “*” -SimpleUrlEntry $urlEntry –ActiveUrl https://scheduler.mcgreanor.com

Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -SimpleUrl @{Add=$simpleUrl} -Verbose


Here is the main screen:

After signing in you will get this screen:

After creating a meeting you are presented with this box:

You can also edit an existing meeting:

This should be a great way for companies to use the conferencing component that don’t run Exchange or Outlook.

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