10 comments on “OCS 2007 R2 and Nortel CS1000?

  1. Chad, please post an update on this once you know, I’m in the same position and keen on R2 integration with CS1Ks, thanks.

    • Here is the response from Nortel that I received…

      I sent this out, here is the answer I got back:

      We will support OCS R2 on CS1000 Rls. 5.5 with a target availability of April. The support for R2 when available will be the same functionality that we have available today with OCS and CS 1000 Rls. 5.5. There will be some incremental PEPs and an Upissue to MCM to address issues identified during our validation process.

      • Andre what type of configuration are you running with R2? I seem to be having some issues with the CS1000 and R2.

  2. Chad, thanks for that. This aligns with the info I got from Nortel here as well.
    We currently have an integration based on OCS 2007 R1 with CS1000 but planning to move to R2 over the next couple of months, hence the roadmap question.

  3. Did you ever get this to work. I’m working on a Nortel CS1000/OCS R2 integration with MCM 4.x and we have everything working but the last part of dual-fork. We can make/receive calls from both the handset and the MOC but picking up a call in the MOC drops the call the phone. Oh, so close.

    • Contact me directly at cmcgreanor@voxns.com

      If you can provide me with the MCM 4.0 software I will configure this in my lab. I have been having trouble with Nortel these days. I was able to obtain that software previously from the Nortel CS1000 PLM. I can test it rather quickly.

    • Notice these are pretty old posts – did anyone ever resolve this? Been working with Avaya for a week and am having this exact issue – they seem unable to resolve it.

      Not dual forking, trying to just ‘Twin’ as they call it (we don’t need RCC).

      • Nortel/Avaya support with OCS 2007 R2 and Lync seems to be quite a bit limited these days. It should work and is documented in the Converged Office documentation from Avaya/Nortel as long as you are running the correct sotware releases.

  4. Are there any updates on this? Any special patches on the mediation server side?
    Are there any patches or Hotfixes for MCM or the OCS Proxy server?
    I had it working and over night it stopped. I stopped and started all OCS services and roles and had to Start and Stop MCM.
    One of the strangest errors i have seen, is a call comes in, hits the dn, dual forks and rings MOC as well, if you try to answer on MOC it will pick up the call but Audio bursts over the speaker of the users RCC’d phone and you do not hear audio on the MOC.

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