14 comments on “Create Standalone Certificate request for #Lync/TMG 2010 Reverse Proxy

  1. Great post, exactly what I needed.
    I submitted the CSR and got a CRT file back – only it didn’t contain the private key, so now I have a cert with the correct SANs but no private key.
    Could you add to this post how to import the CA’s generated certificate?

    Thank you.

  2. Never mind, I must have done something wrong the first time I tried. The second time, the certificate response from the CA could be imported by right-clicking the “Personal” folder in the Certificates snap-in and selecting Import. Once again thanks for a good guide.

  3. Hi Chad,
    Great article, one thing I am trying to generate a csr for Comodo and I keep getting error saying “This CSR uses an unsupported key size!” even though I am selecting 2048 which is supported by Comodo. Would you have any ideas?

    • Patrick: I experienced that the Key size is reset to 1024 bits when changing Key Type to Exchange. You may be running into the same problem. Check that it is still 2048 bits before clicking OK.

  4. Geat post. I’m having a problem though. I have the cert installed and when i create the listner and asign the cert to the ip i get an error. “Incorrect Key Type when Creating a Web Lister on TMG using V3 Certificate” version issue???

  5. I had the same issue. Everytime i submitted CSR to Go Daddy it would error saying “Request must be 2048 or 4096” blah blah blah. I re-run the wizard, selected “Exchange” then changed the key size.

    Worked perfect after that.

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  7. Hi Chad,
    Thank you for the usefull article. I haven’t known before how to create a certificate request for TMG, but now i understand how it to do.

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